Lucky Star Figma Fever! Summer Versus Winter…

Winter Girls ^^

You know that glowing feeling you revel in after going to an anime festival? Well that lasts only a month unless you have something real to show for it. In this case, I was happy to come home from Manifest with a few Good Smile Lucky Star Winter Version Figmas to complete my collection. Was not really my intention to buy them, but am sure glad I doshed out the moula. However, the lovely Good Smile Company has decided to release a new range of Lucky Star Figmas in order to continue tempting absolute fan boys like myself. Now that all the girls have been announced, the only thing holding me back from acquiring is my potentially fatal lack of money…

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Epic Canaan Good Smile Figure

The Good Smile Company have outdone themselves once again with this 1/8th scale of the svelte assassin Canaan, from the anime series of the same name. And would you just look at her!

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Words made of win

What better way to start off my blogging career than to introduce a whole new category of posts.

On my endless voyage across the internets, I come across gems within a vast wasteland of porn and dummy files. One example of such gem is interesting words left by the (often anonymous) internet user. Some thought-provoking, some extremely well written and some just downright hilarious.

These words exist in many forms. Be it posts in forums, comments below a YouTube video or a blog entry. The existence of this “feedback” and “discussion” is what makes the internet what it is today.

However, many of such examples simply will not make sense standalone. So when appropriate, I will give a short explanation of the context present in the origin (and link to the place of origin itself) of such win words.

So for your entertainment, I will post here words of win that stimulates my useless brain with the hope that it will do the same to you – useless or not.

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Nyoro~n GSC Churuya-san Figure


First off, I am not a fan of Nendoroids, as I’ve never really got into the whole ‘chibi’ thing. However, for those out there that enjoyed the youtube miniseries The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan, Goodsmile is willing to come to the table with a new Churuya Nendoroid. She comes with all the extras you see in the photos so the lucky purchasee can faithfully create her signature ‘Nyoro~n’ pose, of which is the only thing she really is memorable for…

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Endless Eight Ending Imminent

Okay, Anime News Network and a fair few other sites are listing confirming facts that tomorrow at 1am JST the last of the infuriating ‘Endess Eight’ arc will air.

An early copy of the September issue of Kadokawa Shoten‘s Newtype magazine has confirmed that the current Endless Eight arc of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya television anime series will end this week. (via ANN)

Newtype is a fairly solid source, and this weeks episode will mark EIGHT weeks of following this repeating summer arc. Makes literal sense to end the looping at this point (EPISODE NUMERO EIGHTO), and hopefully this is it…otherwise I’m going to go batty.

<<Edit from the next day>> Yes, EE has ended.

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Summer is Coming!

Yes, for those of us in the southern (and superior) hemisphere, summer is on its way! Discounting the fact that it is currently Summer up there in Japan and those “other” countries, Goodsmile have brought out a new range of Lucky Star Figmas.

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Kotobukiya Haruhi Figure Review

My personal world of figurine worship has just become a whole lot more awesome with the arrival of the Kotobukiya figurine of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have had my eyes on this figurine ever since she was released to the drooling market in October of 2008, and indeed my initial thoughts are “She is awesome”.

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Eight Episodes of Endless Eight All But Confirmed


Yes it is early Friday morning and the small shred of hope I held that the endless iterations of Haruhi would of ended at 6 has been smashed. According to Random Curiosity last night’s episode all but confirms that the current Endless Eight arc will live up to it’s title and continue to 8 episodes.

DVD sales of this arc should reflect the fan rage that seems to have permeated most blogging websites and comment forums, and with 2 episodes still to air this series is getting closer to being written off with a rapidly diminishing loss of faith in what the remainder of the season is going to contain. Certainly episodes after EE will be welcome, but forever will this arc be seen by me as a large waste of effort and bad thinking on behalf of Kyo-ani and Kadokawa. DVD sales of the EE arc should show this hopefully, as punishment for putting Haruhi down the toilet for 8 episodes.

–Via Random Curiosity

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With Super Driver, That Makes A Million…

A new milestone for our favorite Anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was reached after the release of Aya Hirano’s new single Super Driver on Wednesday. Since the release of the first single Bouken de-show de-show? in 2006 the franchise has officially sold over 1 million CD’s across 25 releases. This includes the most popular release of the lot, Suzumiya Haruhi no Tsumeawase, which to date has sold over 200,000 copies and includes personal favorites such as Aya’s God Knows! and Lost My Music.

The latest offering, Super Driver, is certainly catchy in OP form but until I hear it in full length without an animated sequence I cannot judge. This CD should also contain the full length version of Tomare!, the theme to the ED containing the voices of  Minori Chihara and Yuko Goto alongside Aya. Super Driver also represents Aya Hirano’s 9th single release and will be retailing for about 1150Yen online.

–From A.N.N.

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Short Post of Yet More Fail on the Haruhi Front

Seeya, Haruhi...

The previous mention of Yutaka Yamamoto’s apology to Haruhi fans has led Kyoto Animation to respond haughtily:

“This person has absolutely nothing to do with our company.”

Yay for Kyo-Ani! Denial of the past is yet another step to failure! Yamamoto’s regret at the state of the current season suggests that both he and Kyo-Ani are a bit sore with each other, and it isn’t his fault. Sure this is just me postulating a bit, but the repeating Endless Eight episodes certainly does not help Kyoto-Animation’s defense whatsoever.

–From J-LIST via Sankaku Complex (Which definitely ain’t safe for kids, NSFW is stressed)

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