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The Return of a Deadly Sin

It’s been a long time. Staying true to my name I could not help but be the indolent sloth that I am. From its inception till this day Shrine of Sloths has met with more neglect than it has love. … Continue reading

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When the good is gone. Lucky Frontier edition.

My unstoppable lurking of the internets never fails to bring me both joy and sadness. In the past few days I have suffered through a combination of unpleasant emotions. The inescapable depression that overwhelms me even now is a mixture … Continue reading

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Endless Eight Ending Imminent

Okay, Anime News Network and a fair few other sites are listing confirming facts that tomorrow at 1am JST the last of the infuriating ‘Endess Eight’ arc will air. An early copy of the September issue of Kadokawa Shoten‘s Newtype … Continue reading

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Eight Episodes of Endless Eight All But Confirmed

Yes it is early Friday morning and the small shred of hope I held that the endless iterations of Haruhi would of ended at 6 has been smashed. According to Random Curiosity last night’s episode all but confirms that the … Continue reading

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Short Post of Yet More Fail on the Haruhi Front

The previous mention of Yutaka Yamamoto’s apology to Haruhi fans has led Kyoto Animation to respond haughtily: “This person has absolutely nothing to do with our company.” Yay for Kyo-Ani! Denial of the past is yet another step to failure! … Continue reading

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Former Kyoto Animation Director Apologizes for Endless Eight

At the current Otakon festival in the United States, Yutaka Yamamoto, the Director behind season one of Haruhi and formerly with Kyoto Animation, has voiced his apologies about the current mess that is Endless Eight. Continue reading

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Endless Eight stuck in Perpetual Repeat

Yes, for those of us in the know, the current series of Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu is on endless repeat mode. As of this week we have had FIVE Endless Eight episodes, all with very little plot development. If animation … Continue reading

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Moe Madness – coming to an end?

Ok so we need some stuff to kick start our little blog on how we perceive our world. We being slothota and I, and our perception of anime and things related. Perhaps a bit of an introduction is in order. He likes Street Fighter 4, I don’t. There we go. Continue reading

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