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Shrine Review: Sakagami Tomoyo by WAVE

Y’know, this past year has been pretty hectic. I’m currently enjoying my first career role in the industry of my choice, and getting paid well too. The only problem is I am now as far away from my home city … Continue reading

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Figures Are The Way Forward: Risk Says Hi! ^ ^

Hi and welcome to the Shrine Of Sloths! I apologise now for all the clutter that you will have to step around, but neither Sloth nor I are very good with the mop. Puddles of drool are best avoided, they … Continue reading

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Lucky Star Figma Fever! Summer Versus Winter…

Winter Girls ^^ You know that glowing feeling you revel in after going to an anime festival? Well that lasts only a month unless you have something real to show for it. In this case, I was happy to come … Continue reading

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Epic Canaan Good Smile Figure

The Good Smile Company have outdone themselves once again with this 1/8th scale of the svelte assassin Canaan, from the anime series of the same name. And would you just look at her!

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Nyoro~n GSC Churuya-san Figure

にょろん… First off, I am not a fan of Nendoroids, as I’ve never really got into the whole ‘chibi’ thing. However, for those out there that enjoyed the youtube miniseries The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya-chan, Goodsmile is willing to come … Continue reading

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Endless Eight Ending Imminent

Okay, Anime News Network and a fair few other sites are listing confirming facts that tomorrow at 1am JST the last of the infuriating ‘Endess Eight’ arc will air. An early copy of the September issue of Kadokawa Shoten‘s Newtype … Continue reading

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Summer is Coming!

Yes, for those of us in the southern (and superior) hemisphere, summer is on its way! Discounting the fact that it is currently Summer up there in Japan and those “other” countries, Goodsmile have brought out a new range of … Continue reading

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Kotobukiya Haruhi Figure Review

My personal world of figurine worship has just become a whole lot more awesome with the arrival of the Kotobukiya figurine of Haruhi Suzumiya. I have had my eyes on this figurine ever since she was released to the drooling … Continue reading

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Eight Episodes of Endless Eight All But Confirmed

Yes it is early Friday morning and the small shred of hope I held that the endless iterations of Haruhi would of ended at 6 has been smashed. According to Random Curiosity last night’s episode all but confirms that the … Continue reading

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With Super Driver, That Makes A Million…

_ A new milestone for our favorite Anime series The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was reached after the release of Aya Hirano’s new single Super Driver on Wednesday. Since the release of the first single Bouken de-show de-show? in 2006 … Continue reading

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