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The world of DSLR and re-ignition of this blog

This is a short post to resurrect this blog of ours. With risk and I both owning a DSLR now it’s time we got down to business and make some much needed reviews of figurines. Stay tuned for some good … Continue reading

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Purse Owner FORU: ZA GORUDAN + Persona fighting game + Persona 5 announcement

With the latest leak of Famitsu, we are presented with a TONNE of Persona goodness. An enhanced port of P4, Persona 4 – the golden, on PlayStation Vita and a *gasp* P4 fighter on PS3 and XBOX360 developed by non … Continue reading

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Real Life Shimapan Exposure

Captured on video for your viewing pleasure. It’s OK, no need to thank me 🙂

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Figure Excite: Cute but is it enough?

 We have quite a few cuties available for pre-orders this time. But is simply being cute  enough to warrant a purchase? Hit the jump to check out the figures I’m talking about today.

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Using Manga for Learning

I stumbled upon these books that use manga to teach a wide range of subjects. I wish I had such books at my disposal in high school. It would have made my learn experience much more enjoyable. Learning through a … Continue reading

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Figure Excite: Devilish looks

Welcome to the first post in the segment of Figure Excite. Posts under said category may contain words of shameless babble, emotional distress, terrible puns and various wallet crunching information of newly announced figurines. Proceed at your own risk. Shrine … Continue reading

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The Return of a Deadly Sin

It’s been a long time. Staying true to my name I could not help but be the indolent sloth that I am. From its inception till this day Shrine of Sloths has met with more neglect than it has love. … Continue reading

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When the good is gone. Lucky Frontier edition.

My unstoppable lurking of the internets never fails to bring me both joy and sadness. In the past few days I have suffered through a combination of unpleasant emotions. The inescapable depression that overwhelms me even now is a mixture … Continue reading

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Words made of win

What better way to start off my blogging career than to introduce a whole new category of posts. On my endless voyage across the internets, I come across gems within a vast wasteland of porn and dummy files. One example … Continue reading

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