Through the Gate

A wise man once said: Once a n00b. Always a n00b.

We often ponder the meaning of life. Do we exist for anime? Games? Idols? That special someone?

No…actually…we don’t. We’d rather be watching anime, playing games, ogling at photobooks and chasing after imaginary waifus.

That’s right. We are members of the super secret religious group – the Sloth Ota.

This is a place to worship all that is wonderful in this world.


One Response to Through the Gate

  1. Ben says:

    I happen to be a random stranger on the web. I don’t even think we’ll ever meet in a lifetime. But I want to say this… you are definitely someone I look up to! Project Haruhi and the like. You sir, are a legitimately a true fan of good style. This and only goes toward you, xsirhc.

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