Purse Owner FORU: ZA GORUDAN + Persona fighting game + Persona 5 announcement

With the latest leak of Famitsu, we are presented with a TONNE of Persona goodness. An enhanced port of P4, Persona 4 – the golden, on PlayStation Vita and a *gasp* P4 fighter on PS3 and XBOX360 developed by non other than Arc System Works – the guys who are behind Blazblue. Finally, there’s an odd morsel (hehe) on the status of a confirmed Persona 5 title. Hit the jump to read more about them.

Our God is a glorious God.

One may not be able to tell just how HYPED I am right now from that opening paragraph. The fact is, there is simply not enough memes on the internets to express my overwhelming happiness and desire for these games to be released right this moment. I once told my friends that if there was a game that would force me to buy a PSV/PS3, it would be a Persona game. With my never ending postponement to play P4 on the PS2, I am overjoyed to hear that I can play the enhanced port for my first time on the PSV if I choose to.

All of Yen. TAKE IT.

I have been a long time fighting game fan and enjoy playing all types of fighters. Case in point – when Madcatz first released their Tournament Edition fightstick alongside Street Fighter 4 and there was a shortage on stock, I knew I had to have one and even payed an absurd amount over the original price to have it then and there. That is how much I love fighting games. Now, a Persona fighting game? HELL.YES. I was literally shaking from the excitement when I stumbled across the news on game news websites. The thought of Persona characters duking it out with flashy animations (a la Blazblue) and being able select the persona of choice for any given character (not confirmed yet) when fighting made me jizz uncontrollably all over my well chiselled rolls of fat.

I think that’s enough of my fanboy heavy breathing so here’s some facts I’ve gathered from the photos and online:

Persona 4 – The Golden:

  • PlayStation Vita Spring 2012 release
  • New character Marie/Mary
  • New opening anime with new song from Shouji Meguro
  • New anime cutscenes, bathing scene movie
  • New opening music
  • 1.5 times more voice dialogs than PS2 version
  • Wi-Fi communication, allow player to request help from other players in dungeons
  • New elements requested by fans, and more to be revealed in future (possibly the ability to see changes when equipped with different costume like P3)
  • With the power of Vita, we can expect no cutting of the game’s mechanics like in P3P where you move a cursor instead of a 3D protag on the maps (not confirmed but screenshots indicate this).

Persona 4 – The Ultimate in Mayonaka:

  • Atlus is teaming up with Arc System Works
  • 2D fighter
  • Released first for arcades in Spring 2012
  • Released for PS3 and Xbox 360 in Summer 2012
  • Takes place 2 months after the events of Persona 4
  • 6 characters shown on the character select screen:
  1. P4 protagonist
  2. Chie
  3. Yosuke
  4. Kanji
  5. Yukiko
  6. Aigis

Persona 5:

Famitsu also has a few preliminary details on the next numbered entry in the Persona series, Persona 5. Basic preparations for the game’s development have been completed, with the usual staff members in place. That includes Katsura Hashino as director, Shigenori Soejima as character designer, and Shouji Meguro as main composer.

So that’s everything we know so far. What do you wish for in the P4 remake, fighter or P5?

Personally I’d like to see more P3 characters in the fighter other than Aigis. Like the MC, female MC and Akihiko (“I’ve been waiting for this! *smirk*”), it would be totally kickass if they are able to fit everyone from both P3 and P4 in to the roster.

In Persona 5 I think it would be brilliant if the world travel was made seamless – as in a title pops up on the screen if you enter an area but there’s no load time – but of course they still need to give the option of quick travel to different areas too.

The leaked photographs of the magazine can be inspected below:

Persona. Persona everywhere.

Sources: Kotaku, Joystiq, Andriasang 1Andriasang 2, Photos unknown.

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4 Responses to Purse Owner FORU: ZA GORUDAN + Persona fighting game + Persona 5 announcement

  1. Chag says:

    Yeah, I was shitting myself when I saw this as well. Everyone was expecting a portable version of P4 at some point, so no big surprises there, but a 2D fighter? My first instinct told me that it had to be a shitty cash-in game tied to the new anime, but then I saw Arc System Works mentioned. Mind=blown.

    I wonder what the rationale was to revive interest in an aging PS2 game is. I mean, sure there’s an anime coming out, but a fighting game of Arc System Works’ caliber probably will be a considerable investment of time and resources. Not that I’m complaining about this bizarre gamble — in fact, it’s the perfect motivation for me to blow my money on that arcade stick and seriously get into the genre.

    Also: I wonder why Aegis is wearing a tie as opposed to the bow in P3…hmmmmmmm.

    • sloth says:

      With the release of Catherine I thought Atlus was not giving P4 another look and was moving on to the next gen consoles with a possible new persona title in there if ever another (ie. P5). I shared your question of the advantages of reviving P4 now, so P4 remake was a surprise to me TBH. When I think about it, it does make sense – ride on the popularity of the anime and use the least amount of resources to rehash an existing game to print more money? Sounds like a good plan.

      I’m pretty sure the announcement of a Persona 2D fighter caught everyone by surprise. My fanboy emotions clouded my mind and I did not really consider the amount of thought that would have made this decision come to be now that you have asked. It is indeed a little strange to mix the Persona title in to the fighting game genre especially considering they hired a veteran company to produce it so it doesn’t look like they’re playing around. But then again, there are many questionable games released recently that doesn’t even have tie-in at all like that Hokuto no Ken PS3 game.

      Yes Chag, you should get a joystick. I can list out so many reasons for you to go out and get one:

      -Persona 4 – the ultimate

      -Street fighter AE 2012 update

      -Blazblue CS Extend update

      -Virtua fighter 5: final fight

      -KOF XIII

      -Soul Calibur V

      -Arcana heart 3

      -Street fighter 3S online ed

      -Fate/Unlimited codes


      I may have missed a couple but holy shit feels good to be a fighting game fan. Not to mention you can play other fighting games available for PC and even bullet hell shooters like Touhou. Wait…why haven’t you got one yet Chag????

      PS: Aigis can wear what she wants, wanna fight? When something of this proportion has been announced I really couldn’t care less if her bow changes to a tie.

      • Chag says:

        Hmmmm, did Fate/Unlimited codes get ported to PS3, or do you just mean the PS2 version? In any case, what would you recommend when it comes to arcade sticks? I want something that modestly decent (but not obscenely expensive) so that I may mod it with my own parts should I decide to further invest in the genre.

    • sloth says:

      Fate/Unlimited codes was ported to PSP and is available as a PSN download. I’m pretty sure you can download and install it on the PS3 and play it on that too but I’ve not tried this yet (I have installed other PSP games on to the PS3 though so I’m sure it will work).

      Regarding a fightstick:

      (Keep in mind that this is all speculation and things I’ve come to understand from online forums and such so the estimate of pricing may not be entirely accurate as I don’t live where you do).

      If you want something cheap I’d recommend a second hand Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 SA/EX, Madcatz Tournament edition (any version except mortal kombat because the button layout is different) or Hori Real Arcade Pro.V3 SA.

      There are cheaper alternatives such as the Hori fight stick 3 and Madcatz SE fight stick but personally I think the extra money for the first 3 I listed is worth it because you are getting a much sturdier and bigger kit with much better quality parts. ie. Madcatz SE is much smaller and lighter than the TE and comes with joystick and buttons not used in the Japanese arcade cabinets (ie. not made by Sanwa or Seimitsu) which means they are less responsive and of lower quality IMO. You can of course swap them out if you want to but then you’ll have to buy the buttons for extra money that you could have very well spent towards a better stick that comes preinstalled with it. It is the same with Hori FS3 vs Hori RAP3SA. However, if you can get these new and cheap they’re not bad as a starting stick.

      The only exception would be if you can find a used Hori Real Arcade Pro 3 (without any suffix) on the cheap (ie. Same price as used SE or FS3). Because it’s the same size and build as the Hori RAP3SA, only without the Sanwa buttons. But I’d still lean towards the other 3 I mentioned because you’ll still be paying more for Sanwa buttons should you want in the future.

      If we’re talking brand new there really are only two choices IMO: Madcatz TE or Hori RAPV3SA. They are both very good and it’s all personal preference which one you pick. They can be had for $130 or less each. Check online or at your local game shops like gamestop.

      Lastly, if you want a stick that can be used on PS3, 360 and PC I’d recommend a Qanba Q4 fightstick. It’s got good reviews and will work well on all 3 should you need it to and it’s not much more expensive than the other 2 either.

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