Figure Excite: Devilish looks

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Today I’m going to talk about three figures that interests me greatly:

Souryuu Asuka Langley

Origin: Rebuild of Evangelion

Scale: 1/10 (PVC)

Manufacturer: Wave

Sculptor: Ogawa Youzou

Release date: Jan 2011

RRP: 4500 yen

It can be argued that Asuka is the definitive tsundere for a lot of people. While there’s no denying that there has been countless figures of Asuka since Evangelion graced the TVs all over the world, I have always found most of them lacklustre in the sense that she is never in character. You would think the never ending cash cow that is NGE would spur up enough competition between the figure manufacturers that her personal traits will be exploited to its full potential – or at least her most dominant one: TSUNDERE. In fact, we rarely see her doing much else than standing idly with an empty expression in her plugsuit or the bland, played out school uniform I’ve come to distain.

However, this sculpt…this Asuka is the personification of all I have ever hoped for in an Asuka figure. Straight off bat Asuka shows her tsundere attitude with her wonderfully presented facial expression of “I-It’s not like I was cooking for you or anything…”. It is so superbly done because it shows both the tsuntsun and deredere sides that are crucial to convey her personality. Then we have the way she’s ever so slightly leaning to one side with her arms locked up in an awkward position behind her. Maybe it’s to hide the injuries on her hands sustained from bringing this sweet aroma to your senses or perhaps to hide her embarrassment, excitement or fear as you become the first to taste her overwhelming love on a plate. Oh my, excuse me while I wipe the drool off my flooded floor.

Wave’s Asuka oozes sex appeal without revealing much at all, at the same time her irresistible cuteness is also always there. Who says naked aprons are the best? I say Asuka aprons are the best. I much prefer the look of her with the apron on but underneath there’s that slender body we’d all risk our lives to protect. There’s so many little details present that shows how much thought was put in to creating this perfect casually dressed Asuka.

The only issues I can see are her scale and quality. On the one hand her size allows for a much cheaper price but it also means she’ll be small compared to the rest of my collection so she may look a little out of place if displayed near them. Wave’s 1/10 line is also not known for top notch quality but the review samples recieved by Moeyo, GAGraphic and AkibaHobby all show great promise. How can one not buy her?


Kyou Fujibayashi

Origin: Clannad

Scale: 1/6 (PVC)

Manufacturer: Kotobukiya

Sculptor: Fio

Release date: Dec 2010

RRP: 8800 yen

Like many others I have a love-hate relationship with Kotobukiya. I respect them for the variety they bring to the table as a lot of their sculpts are interesting and unique. While I only have a couple of figures by them, all of which I cannot pick out major flaws from, I see from reviews of their other figures that sometimes the final product falls short of a seemingly reachable level of quality that would be expected and delivered by the other big boys such as Alter and GSC. A most recent example would be Chag’s review of Koto’s Hitagi – despite the fact that they chose to tackle an interesting side of her that was different to the other manufacturers there were visible flaws like plastic sheen on legs and sectioning of hair that were not present in preview shots.

I’m a little late to the party as I’ve just recently started watching Clannad and am only up to episode 4. I am enjoying the show and I have yet to see the “gym scene” where this outfit and atmosphere originates. I have to say though, if I needed anymore motivation to keep watching Clannad this would be it. There are just so many things done right here. First and foremost, Kyou with that embarrassed expression is almost begging you to hug her gently and never let go, pleading you to take away all her troubles with a sweet kiss. Add that to a perfectly shaped body in an outfit to show it creates such an alluring yet innocent scene that nobody can refuse. I particularly like the realistic slight arc of her back that won’t require many decades of yoga practice to achieve (I’m looking at you VN02). There may not be a lot of detail on her gym uniform but I think it has great shading, especially that bloomer. The placement of the creases and tonal adjustment of the shading really raises that already epic backside to new levels of awesome. Typical of Kotobukiya, the base is no slouch either, I do think this has become a new standard for all manufacturers so from now on there will rarely be any ugly space wasting “coasters” to place our figures on like in the past.

At 1/6 scale she comes with a price to match. Fans of bigger figures will not be disappointed as Kotobukiya is known to be generous with their figure sizes. It’s a shame that due to my budget restrictions I unfortunately will not be adding her to my buy list just yet but rest assured Risk’s here to save the day as he pre-ordered Kyou the moment I showed her to him.


Diabolus Inclinatus

Origin: Demon Squeezer (doujin)

Scale: non-scale (PVC)

Manufacturer: Embrace Japan

Sculptor: Hokusoh

Release date: Dec 2010

RRP: 7800 yen

My google-fu fails me as I am unable to find much on the artist of the illustration this figure is based on, the doujin she originates from and the company that is making her. Apparently, Sousi Hirose drew a doujin named Demon Squeezer (I LOLed) and it was thanks to the cover of that doujin that we are graced with its 3D counterpart. Here’s the only place I could find art of his other than the doujin cover (Although the style seems to vary so I question the legitimacy).

Anyhow, I have to admit that I’ve always shied away from risqué figures but this succubus has me on my knees begging for more. Hokusoh did an amazing job in preserving the original look of the character. I really love the look of, as little as it may be, all that’s on her – I don’t find it boring or out of place. She’s sexy and she knows it but she’s much more tasteful in presenting herself, there’s none of that repulsive skanky and show-off vibe I get from other scantly clad ladies. If anything she looks more like a damsel in distress, one with a very gentle and caring side (that is, until she’s close enough to squeeze your demon). In fact, I’d like to stress the gentleness she exhibits that I find so alluring. Diabolus’ soft and curious expression draws me in despite being surrounded by her fiery coloured hair. The type of horns she was given is also quite ingenious as they don’t look aggressive like ones from characters in Black Rock Shooter, rather, they are curled back resembling that of a harmless sheep.

Nevertheless, because of all the good points above I am overcome with sorrow as there are too many random variables regarding this figure for me to feel comfortable spending that amount of dough. My country of residence forces me to purchase from overseas shops in order to get a decent price on anything figure related almost everything, so with my country’s twisted views on many morally questionable issues I have little confidence that Diabolus will get through customs if the shipment were to be examined. Furthermore Embrace Japan is a new company without any form of track record in terms of production quality so it’s only natural to doubt the final product. If in the future that she becomes highly rated and I find out the packaging does not promote her cost-off features and gorgeous rear then I may gather up the courage to hunt her down. For now, she’ll be but a fleeting dream.

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3 Responses to Figure Excite: Devilish looks

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  2. Fabienne says:

    Im also interested in this figure of Asuka.
    The pose and the face expression are very nice.
    well my last 1/10 scaled figure from Wave(Kagami) had a good quality.
    I don’t think they will srew up this Asuka figure.

    Clannad is a great show =D
    This Kyo figure looks also very nice
    I somehow like these old fashioned P.E. clothes as well as her detailed painted eyes.

    these two are on my wishlist, but I dont want any more open preorders at the moment ;D

    • sloth says:

      Welcome! 🙂

      Yes, it seems Wave have been steadily increasing the quality of their 1/10 figures. If Kagami is any indication, we’re in for a treat!

      Kyou will have to be reviewed by risk, I’m too poor ATM ;_;

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