Figures Are The Way Forward: Risk Says Hi! ^ ^

Hi and welcome to the Shrine Of Sloths! I apologise now for all the clutter that you will have to step around, but neither Sloth nor I are very good with the mop. Puddles of drool are best avoided, they are unpleasant to say the least…

All this aimless blogging I have been doing in recent months has led to me, just now, to sit back and wonder just what am I doing? Why am I here, dedicating my time? Yes there is a lot of hoohaa fluff in the ‘about’ page, but those words somehow do not capture my personal reasons for blogging, rather they are just carried over cliche’s emulating the millions of other anime blogs online.

It all stems down to the fact that I love figurines. It certainly is not everyone’s piece of cake, and until 2006 I was steadfastly ignorant of the entire anime industry. However, I have now tasted the aforementioned cake and found out that it was actually made of delicious chocolate, laced with every kind of addicting drug known to mankind. I am hooked.

So when Sloth, who force fed the cake (forgive my poor use of analogies) down my throat, coined the idea of starting a blog, I was enthusiastic. Since then I have been fiddling around with reviewing random episodes of anime, a few figures here and there, alot of general stuffing about with no real achievements.

But no more. I realize now that I have lost my way…from this point on, I shall project the word FIGURE from my forehead. With the new addition of  RSS feed aggregators through the AnimeNano  and DannyChoo, I really hope to find fellow figure fans out there, join their community, and share their opinions with mine.

This is what I want to blog about. This is what I want my posts to represent. What better way to end this monologue then with photo’s of a few favorite figures I own so far?

Suzumiya Haruhi by Kotobukiya

Suzumiya Haruhi by Kotobukiya

I am a big fan of the Suzumiya Haruhi franchise (minus EE), and this example rates a 10 on my epic figure scale. I go by the logic that if any figure you spot online that completely captivates you, then you should do anything in your power to get it.

Shrine Maiden Hiragii Twins by Dreamtech

Shrine Maiden Hiragii Twins by Dreamtech

Epic scale 8.0, Hiragii Twins AS SHRINE MAIDENS. Yes, they both are awesome.

Miyuki came with a diarama, so there was fun to be had with the camera ^ ^

Miyuki came with a diarama, so there was fun to be had with the camera ^ ^

Yes, I am a Lucky Star fanboy. Have really good memories of this series, and rewatch it often. Recently bought Miyuki, Tsukasa, and Konata to keep Kagami company. Anime Festivals are awesome, you know that? 10/10 on the Epic Figure (s) scale. Figmas, while cheaper then most other figures, are especially fun as you can recreate many fun scenes from the anime. Do NOT discredit them because of their joints, you hardly notice these!!

Lucky Star Figmas by Max Factory & Goodsmile

Lucky Star Figmas by Max Factory & Goodsmile

I like the winter uniforms alot more...

I like the winter uniforms alot more...

The girls on my desk, with the Goodsmile webpage up in the background. I personally think the winter uniforms are much better, as the face of Kagami is weird in the new lot. But then again, I could just buy them all again, and replace Kagami’s face with winter version…

Kagami fanboy #1

I am a Kagami fanboy

Half the fun with figures is the unboxing! Figmas are especially worth the time since they take so long to set up and pose. Yes, I am a Kagami fanboy. Would like to think I always will be…

Well, that is all for now, I wouldn’t stoop as low as to say “plz comment!” but if anyone has an opinion on their favorite figure, please let me know!

by Risk

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5 Responses to Figures Are The Way Forward: Risk Says Hi! ^ ^

  1. vixums says:

    Konata was my first girl figma, and the only one I was meaning to buy of the girls, but I eventually grew obsessed with wanting the girls to stand together on my shelf, and there aren’t any PVC’s that I wanted of them, so I had to go with the figmas. I think it was after I bought Miyuki that I decided to get more in to teh figure scene ^; They really are lovely and I love seeing a new package in the mail with them in it!

  2. Jessica says:

    Buy me the summer Konata! >O

    Birfday present, am 19 next month D:

  3. Maikeru says:

    a…ano, i like Iwasaki’s figurine.
    i also like most (if not all) Yuki Figure’s, although have never thought of buying them.

  4. Well said. Preach on your love of figures^^

  5. Scodia says:

    Must say I really like the suzumiya model, couldn’t get away with it have a room mate. He current -bares with- my Mio Nendoroid. 😉 can’t wait to finish the band.

    😉 lucky star is such a good anime

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