When the good is gone. Lucky Frontier edition.

My unstoppable lurking of the internets never fails to bring me both joy and sadness. In the past few days I have suffered through a combination of unpleasant emotions. The inescapable depression that overwhelms me even now is a mixture of shame, regret, rage and the feeling of utter hopelessness.

Why do we always seek the things we cannot obtain?

Why is it that I still hold out my hand in a miserable attempt to reach the sun even though my wings are burning?

Why is it always something I want SO bad that is out of stock?

I recently discovered something so good it’s almost criminal. These lucky Star X Macross Frontier prize items released by Banpresto brought my world to a standstill:

My head exploded from WIN OVERLOAD the moment I saw Konalto. Then without the aid of my useless shattered head, my whole body worked in perfect harmony to Google the shit out of this to find where it’s from and how to buy it.

The amount of tsun that radiated from Klangamin had soon caused my legs to mutate, leaving me with no means to flee from imminent death.

Rankasa followed up by cutting my arms clean off with her *kira* beams.

Slowly but surely Sheryuki’s moe poison eventually saturated all of my insides.

The Minor-squad led by Frognata then proceeded to pull off a 999 special hit combo on my defenseless body.

The ita-Valkyries then laid waste with a dozen bombing runs over my severed body to make sure I wasn’t hiding anything.

By this time, I had only 1 health left. Even though I wasn’t such a big fan of lucky channel, Vajkira and Meow Blob were more than enough to finish what was left of me.

As you can probably tell, these images devastated me. At the time of writing all online shops were sold out of them. The only place I could find them was one seller on EBay, for the price of your life, you too can have your very own!

FYI: These prize items were announced back in June but should be released some time this month.

by Slothota

— Images Via Danbooru and Ichiban Kuji Club

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2 Responses to When the good is gone. Lucky Frontier edition.

  1. risk says:

    Your stronger then me…I was KO @ Klanamin…

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