Words made of win

What better way to start off my blogging career than to introduce a whole new category of posts.

On my endless voyage across the internets, I come across gems within a vast wasteland of porn and dummy files. One example of such gem is interesting words left by the (often anonymous) internet user. Some thought-provoking, some extremely well written and some just downright hilarious.

These words exist in many forms. Be it posts in forums, comments below a YouTube video or a blog entry. The existence of this “feedback” and “discussion” is what makes the internet what it is today.

However, many of such examples simply will not make sense standalone. So when appropriate, I will give a short explanation of the context present in the origin (and link to the place of origin itself) of such win words.

So for your entertainment, I will post here words of win that stimulates my useless brain with the hope that it will do the same to you – useless or not.

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