Eight Episodes of Endless Eight All But Confirmed


Yes it is early Friday morning and the small shred of hope I held that the endless iterations of Haruhi would of ended at 6 has been smashed. According to Random Curiosity last night’s episode all but confirms that the current Endless Eight arc will live up to it’s title and continue to 8 episodes.

DVD sales of this arc should reflect the fan rage that seems to have permeated most blogging websites and comment forums, and with 2 episodes still to air this series is getting closer to being written off with a rapidly diminishing loss of faith in what the remainder of the season is going to contain. Certainly episodes after EE will be welcome, but forever will this arc be seen by me as a large waste of effort and bad thinking on behalf of Kyo-ani and Kadokawa. DVD sales of the EE arc should show this hopefully, as punishment for putting Haruhi down the toilet for 8 episodes.

–Via Random Curiosity

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2 Responses to Eight Episodes of Endless Eight All But Confirmed

  1. Geez indeed it sucks. Like I just skip to the end just to see if something happens. But we can’t complain too much when we watched subbed episodes for free…

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