Former Kyoto Animation Director Apologizes for Endless Eight

I’m grabbing this from numerous sources here, some of them NSFW (namely Sankaku Complex), but it seems another nail in the coffin for the current series of ‘The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya’ has been rammed in, and from the highest level. Yutaka Yamamoto, the Director behind season one of Haruhi and formerly with Kyoto Animation has voiced his apologies about the current mess that is Endless Eight.

An interview was held at the American Otakon convention and can be viewed on Youtube HERE. It certain quotes which are pretty important:

“When I was with Kyoto Animation, this idea (for multiple EE episodes) was already floating around, I was against to it. I thought 2 episodes was the limit.”

“I feel responsible for this. I’ll say it, I’m prepared to. As a representative of the SOS-Dan production committee, I want to apologise here – this was inexcusable.”

So there was conflict within Kyoto-animation’s ranks when the current Haruhi season was in pre-development, that would probably explain the long delay between season one and season two. However, since Yutaka is formerly of Kyo-ani, he is not really in a position to apologise for the current mess, nor is he directly responsible. Maybe he abandoned a sinking ship? Could Kyoto-Animation be heading down a new road which includes passive series and fan abuse? Hopefully this is not the case because whoever is running the show at the moment is a true ratbag.

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