The world of DSLR and re-ignition of this blog

This is a short post to resurrect this blog of ours. With risk and I both owning a DSLR now it’s time we got down to business and make some much needed reviews of figurines. Stay tuned for some good posts to come!

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Purse Owner FORU: ZA GORUDAN + Persona fighting game + Persona 5 announcement

With the latest leak of Famitsu, we are presented with a TONNE of Persona goodness. An enhanced port of P4, Persona 4 – the golden, on PlayStation Vita and a *gasp* P4 fighter on PS3 and XBOX360 developed by non other than Arc System Works – the guys who are behind Blazblue. Finally, there’s an odd morsel (hehe) on the status of a confirmed Persona 5 title. Hit the jump to read more about them. Continue reading

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Shrine Review: Sakagami Tomoyo by WAVE

Y’know, this past year has been pretty hectic. I’m currently enjoying my first career role in the industry of my choice, and getting paid well too. The only problem is I am now as far away from my home city and friends as I have ever been in my life. As always though, Sloth has been the lifeline to the world back home, an extended umbilical that has faithfully served to deplete my wallet with awesome figures he finds on the ‘net. While before I would ‘uhm’ and ‘ahh’ over buying a figure due to a woeful lack of funds, now I have come to relish his contributions, as more often then not I have the cash to spend on them (much to his chagrin).

Last week was perhaps one of the highlights. Within minutes of receiving a message from Sloth about a 45% discount on a Tomoyo Sakagami figure by Wave, I had purchased her. Within another day, much to my delight, Amiami had shipped Tomoyo out to my address. Within the week she had arrived. How is that for service? Damn, I love the internet!

So lets kick off my first review using our new categorical analysis! Read on after the jump~

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Real Life Shimapan Exposure

Captured on video for your viewing pleasure. It’s OK, no need to thank me 🙂

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Figure Excite: Cute but is it enough?

 We have quite a few cuties available for pre-orders this time. But is simply being cute  enough to warrant a purchase? Hit the jump to check out the figures I’m talking about today.

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Using Manga for Learning

I stumbled upon these books that use manga to teach a wide range of subjects. I wish I had such books at my disposal in high school. It would have made my learn experience much more enjoyable. Learning through a medium one has interests in would surely cause a lot less rage quitting than the mundane ritual we all go through in school. While these originate from Japan some have been officially translated and published in English. I have even heard of high schools cataloguing these books in their libraries. Continue reading

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Figure Excite: Devilish looks

Welcome to the first post in the segment of Figure Excite. Posts under said category may contain words of shameless babble, emotional distress, terrible puns and various wallet crunching information of newly announced figurines. Proceed at your own risk. Shrine of Sloths and its guardians will not be responsible for trauma induced by these posts.

Leave a comment and enjoy your stay, I’d love to hear what you think!

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The Return of a Deadly Sin

It’s been a long time.

Staying true to my name I could not help but be the indolent sloth that I am. From its inception till this day Shrine of Sloths has met with more neglect than it has love. That’s about to change because despite what it may seem, I always had Shrine of Sloths on the back of my mind. I would regularly conceive blog posts within my idle mind over my many thoughts and ideas but never follow through with them. I know there has been broken promises (both to myself and to others) and much neglect I am positive my return to this precious blog is permanent and I hope to bring quality content to all. Not that this blog currently possesses fame that requires my apologies to the reader(s) I want to at least apologise to my dear friend Risk – my partner in crime – for coming back so late.

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

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Figures Are The Way Forward: Risk Says Hi! ^ ^

Hi and welcome to the Shrine Of Sloths! I apologise now for all the clutter that you will have to step around, but neither Sloth nor I are very good with the mop. Puddles of drool are best avoided, they are unpleasant to say the least…

All this aimless blogging I have been doing in recent months has led to me, just now, to sit back and wonder just what am I doing? Why am I here, dedicating my time? Yes there is a lot of hoohaa fluff in the ‘about’ page, but those words somehow do not capture my personal reasons for blogging, rather they are just carried over cliche’s emulating the millions of other anime blogs online.

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When the good is gone. Lucky Frontier edition.

My unstoppable lurking of the internets never fails to bring me both joy and sadness. In the past few days I have suffered through a combination of unpleasant emotions. The inescapable depression that overwhelms me even now is a mixture of shame, regret, rage and the feeling of utter hopelessness.

Why do we always seek the things we cannot obtain?

Why is it that I still hold out my hand in a miserable attempt to reach the sun even though my wings are burning?

Why is it always something I want SO bad that is out of stock?

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